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The Riviera remains a niche profitability

In a vague and unstable economic environment, investors find themselves in situations increasingly risky and profitable and secure investments are scarce.

Share his invaluable tourists, seasonal rentals of apartments or houses on the "FRENCH RIVIERA" are on a very lucrative industry.

Many websites for vacation rentals develop on the canvas in order to offer a wealthy foreign customers a multitude of high-end properties for rent by the week.

The market for potential investors is thereby carrier and productive.

Indeed, the efficiency and profitability of alliance associated with the creation of a property contribute to the explosion of a growing market.
No one will question the French Riviera Tourist performances contributing to the establishment of a unique real estate niche.

The residence of "tourism" becomes a significant interest to investors. real and profitable real estate investment, it provides as much profitability over the long term stability of the share of tourist agencies that a dismounted available (under certain conditions) as a second home in a popular beach area.

In terms of performance, this is a powerful offering, the French Riviera still being as attractive.

There is also an interest in the tax level as furnished renter status offers the possibility of obtaining (in some cases) of net tax revenues ... 

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